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- Antal Montenegro almost kicked off the Chinese team and frequently scored 1:0 in Ghana
- Internationals returning fans Club team, airport are still vertical banner support
- KUKA: Wu Xinghan Lv Zheng will play a big role or take them back to Brazil to play
- Fuli invested 150 million improvement of 10 generals away weak shock the AFC
- Alihan: level of team play Opera House will have to adapt to Chinese culture

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 Antal Montenegro almost kicked off the Chinese team and frequently scored 1:0 in Ghana Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As can be seen from the KUKA's position before the competition, Luneng's starting line-up this game has not been finalized, more precisely several locations also failed to establish that the successful candidate. Wang Dalei was recruited in March 1, all of a sudden, result in the national team is not 1 minute playing time, which spent 5 days mainly in the journey. "I only spent 10 minutes ' notice to pack for me, nike air max 95 pas cher  because the call of the national team does not have any grounds for refusal, the Club and coach were very supportive of me, and I created the most convenient conditions and with the national team. KUKA coaches for national teams deployed several internationals without complaining, but feel very happy and proud. "Traveling back and forth to Wang Dalei caused affect, but he didn't have any complain.

Other KUKA hesitant position is left-back, unlike in the heats he will focus on the investigation of Surimi Hao-LUN of Hong Kong, Zheng Zheng is not in the national team appearances in the game, don't know if this game will continue to start. Front staff mix will not be any major changes, vuoso, Meng Dilve and Joachim formed central axis, with two young gun Liu Binbin Wu Xinghan [Twitter] guarding two sidewalks. Yangtse evening post (by staff reporter Zhang Hao [Twitter]) this week, Guo Xinshun day jam 5 internationals, are exhausting, and frequently [Twitter], Taal, grandchild [Twitter], jianye and Wu Xi [Twitter], representing their national team He Shun-day battle between the two places. However, compared to the combination of poor play, and frequently and Montenegro of Taal and the Lebanon national team were both won. Even more impressive is that both of them is the main player in their national team's victory.

Firstly turn to Antal of Lebanon national team, is what they and the Chinese national team in two places for Asian Cup final round competition on the track. Finally, although the Lebanon national team 5:2 win over Thailand, 1:3, Chinese national team lost to Iraq, but entered the Asian Cup was enough. Back to Lebanon and Thailand game, as a captain in the army of the Kumbum is the best player on the field. The first half he likes indirectly assists the team's 2nd goal, at that time, the Taal tend to come to Thailand forefront area, forcing Thailand goalkeeper hurry to strike out, shoot teammates hanging House, succeeding. Lebanon's 3rd goal is Taal directly assists when his cross from the right bottom, flat ball, under hastily, Thailand Defender the ball into own goal. When asked if Wang [Twitter] is attacking midfielder was back when used on a KUKA kick that Wang is a attacking midfielder, also back a number of players, even when the location may be a little later, but it won't turn him into a full defensive back, nike air max pas cher  "where he needs to improve is defense, with opponents closer to something, some more press. "KUKA explained in detail that he brings to the team tactics, not changed Wang's position, but the team's formation on the field at any time to change," sometimes two attacking midfielder is a lower back, sometimes two runs a attacking midfielder. "For tomorrow game of arrangements, library card and no confidential, said began will has two a lumbar, but in game in the will slowly into a," on with we in training in the as, may will put Jin Jing road [micro-Bo] for down, put haojunmin for up, sometimes you may in rearguard Shang more risked is insurance, but we will in downfield has more of attack opportunities.

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 Internationals returning fans Club team, airport are still vertical banner support Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Although the 26th and the Football Association has formally signed last month, but just a few days ' time, Opera House has seen the team's many problems. Guozu challenge away from home the day before yesterday Iraq Shi, Fu Bo is executive coaching, Opera House on the feet and Fu Bo direct. Greentown has served as head coach Wu jingui was puzzling: "I don't understand why there is such an arrangement? This disrespect for both coaches and players in the game who? China should be more professional football. nike air max 1 pas cher  "But the Opera House may not take so much, he might be a really urgent. Former Luneng [Twitter] player Ma Xingyu [Twitter] in July 2013 has joined the Manatee, 12 appearances contribute to goals and 2 assists, doing well. In 2014, a former Shandong Luneng player joining the Manatee, aged 24, Malone manatees have been put on New Jersey. In addition, from evergrande [Twitter] Zhang Hongnan [Twitter], xiaokaiti·yalikun and other young players joining provide manatees with vigor.

Guozu pushed the boat out that fans were most dissatisfied with was insufficient Opera House after the game concluded: "from the game, the players for a heated face-off is not adapted. "As regards the modifications to the players took over, Charles Perrin believes that" we should focus on strengthening the competitive ability of players, especially the players in the match against capability ". Obviously this is a problem many guozu, fortunately, after you beat the game, guozu has nothing better to do, Opera House for one year to study players to form teams. Need to advise the Opera House is, evergrande players may not be reliable, national assistant coach's views may not be credible, he must open your eyes to pick out players, so teams could combat effectiveness. The just-concluded winter, Guangzhou [Twitter] once again offer millions to buy Wang Song, but quickly failed. "The temple and I also talked about, but mostly approached the Club, after all, I had a contract on them. "Wang Song opt for the simple reason that" early Song boss call me, I am very sure of this season in a very critical moment, I promise song boss won't go, so Temple is a process last.

Beginning in 2014, is since 2010 to join green city, Wang Song of the fifth season. As Jiang Bo on loan to Beijing, green city in new season baichang Club members only Wang Song, Cao Xuan, Wei Wu and Fan Xiaodong. Referring to the contract will renew at the end of the season, said Wang Song to song Wei. Tomorrow, the opening ceremony of the 2014 season, Super League will be conducted at Guangzhou's Tianhe Stadium. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the League will take the lead on a contest, nike air max 90 femme  Shandong Luneng [Twitter] host promoted in Harbin, Ma Yi-Teng. In the League before the start of League "the protagonist" were "in position"--yesterday, ending 2015 Asian Cup qualifier final battle guozu returned home internationals have also returned to their respective clubs in the first place. In the Asian preliminaries final round, guozu facing Iraq, tie wire, resulting in their 1:3 gaofu, with 1 tablets experienced than advantages against Lebanon, to "best 3rd" status line. Fans are very unhappy with this game. But guozu large units arrived in Guangzhou yesterday, still infatuated fan to the airport to pick up and play "guozu refueling" slogan. Faced with this scene, Dinamo are temporarily inhibited new France national coach Charles Perrin's smiling photo requirements for met fans.

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 KUKA: Wu Xinghan Lv Zheng will play a big role or take them back to Brazil to play Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning, aerbin zone base for training, and training, all the players together after lunch departure to the airport at the base. Because of the physical state does not meet the game requirements, Akram is not with the team visiting Hangzhou, undergraduates were injured in training the day before you travel with. Of course, undergraduate can eventually play, remains to be seen how much of this he was able to restore. Yesterday evening, almost 6, Albin where on a flight landed at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, followed the team to the hotel to rest. Tonight, new balance 998 pas cher  Albin where the Dragon [Twitter] stadium before the game to adapt space training. Correspondent in the night in the final game of the Asian Cup qualifier, away guozu 1:3 defeat against Iraq, by virtue of one more experienced than advantage to dominate Lebanon became the best team finished third, hooked up with the Asian Cup the last bus. In such a humiliating way qualify guozu scolded again. Guozu overnight flight home after the game yesterday between Guangzhou and Beijing will dissolve, the acting head coach Fu Bo officially give pointers to the France national coach Charles Perrin.

Representative guozu finish with Iraq after the team's game at Tai Po and return with Yu Hanchao guozu, arrived in Guangzhou yesterday around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, after the break, the two nonstop flights to Hangzhou. It is understood that two people about an hour earlier than the team to Hangzhou, consider two people was very fatigued, Albin where the Club didn't ask for them at the airport and other major forces, but to arrange for the vehicle to the airport to pick them up and let them to the hotel in advance in order to get some rest. Yesterday's pre-match press conference, as the players represented Wu Xinghan [Twitter] reporters present were a bit of a surprise, although Shandong Luneng [Twitter] Captain Wang [Twitter] has not been back on unable to attend, but there are a number of Veterans of the force and other stars. Nevertheless, KUKA is at this mode, to the outside world to express his expectations for teenager Wu Xinghan, during the press conference, kayanzhi emotional place, smiled and reached out to scratch scratching Wu Xinghan hair, love was palpable. Yesterday, after returning to internationals were all silent, quickly disappeared from the airport returning to their clubs to prepare for today's start of the new season in the Super League. Coach of the new Opera House is going to Guangzhou, ready to visit Guangzhou evergrande players in the League, marking the guozu officially entered the Opera House. While 2014 guozu no task, but the Opera House no less, because he was going Super-game expedition in, to put together a national team.

During the winter, Wu Xinghan full participated in the Jinan, Turkey and zipper with Guangzhou, especially after the arrival of the KUKA Turkey and Guangzhou zipper, Luneng coach recognizes his strength. On March 2, Shandong Luneng and Shanghai international port [Twitter] played a warm-up match, Wu Xinghan achieved a goal, new balance 999 femme  eventually beat Shandong Luneng 3:1. By Shandong Luneng to a couple warm-up match many fans found that Wang had retreated, more like kicking back on the pitch. In his tactical system, where Wang played the issue, conducted a special library card yesterday read. "He was playing attacking midfielder, but (where) or more players back, I won't let him exclusively on defense. In fact, most of the time, we in the lower back and there will be big changes on the attacking midfielder position, Wang would first have to be kicking back, but with the changes in the market situation, he'll be in the attacking midfielder position, so we may take some risks on defense, but on offense will be even more opportunities.

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 Fuli invested 150 million improvement of 10 generals away weak shock the AFC Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Worth noting is that 10 Korea 7 people with national team experience in foreign aid, ranging from old internationals Cao Bingju, there are River into this backbone, along with Jin Yingquan, future stars like Zhang Xianxiu. Apart from the big clubs in addition to Korea player among Asian players high cost is also a major cause. Throughout these 10 Korea foreign aid, are mostly concentrated in the backfield, which also reflects the scarcity of domestic players in both places. In addition,   new balance 595 femme most young Korea foreign aid is concerned, Chinese Super League has overtaken Japan j-League, becoming a major springboard to play their future in Europe. Although the value cannot exceed the hole cards of the new foreign aid, on fame also can match Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, but significant increase in overall quality, active foreign aid at the international level to become mainstream, and many are major members of the national team. Evergrande's Italy internationals Daimante. Move from FC Seoul toujiang Su Shun-day Montenegro internationals and frequently, decimating the introduction of Morocco active international hamudala, Changchun Yatai Montenegro's active international beiqielai, Dalian aerbin introduction of Sweden serving internationals Buckman, Henan jianye, the introduction of botafuge striker Rafael · Marcos Jamaica active Viola Johnson, Shanghai East Asia introduction of Sweden serving internationals Hessian ... ... Most of these foreign aid will be held in June of this year Brazil World Cup strength is evident. Yangcheng evening news reporter Li Sirui

Two years ago, Temple has been threatening to take the AFC, but this year it is more clout and more urgent. Antibody Fuli of ambitions undoubtedly has 4:1, and with for real estate commercial, with city of constant big [micro-Bo] has in the Super Triple Crown, and in last year junlin Asia, this on Fuli Group senior touches is big, so issued has hard task; II, and group in football area has been are is expenditures, but currently of posture and no let brand value sharply upgrade; three, and coach Sven-Goran Eriksson contract end of due, if cannot smooth entered Asia Crown, contract will lifted; four, and Qian two years of bedding has accumulated to must of experience, this year is a is good of node, Entering the AFC can be recognized by the city more fans. To sum up, Temple rushed the AFC this year has not only rhetorical. Foreign aid spending nearly 150 million Yuan this year, suddenly signed up 10 power good generals. Currently decimating problem is fatigue, conceded away from home are numerous. Now bench thickness increased strength after a sharp rise in addressing both of these issues should have little difficulty.

Iraq's game, guozu all in a passive state. As "evergrande [Twitter]" when depressed, at Tai Po [microblogging] and Yu Hanchao [Twitter] is the rare play normal attack player. Throughout the first half, at Tai Po is China up to player, and Yu Hanchao sidewalk breakthroughs had been made Iraq Gets a headache, Chinese team got a penalty kick was the Han Super sudden area results. In an interview after the game, Yu Hanchao, said he had been practising during the winter training: "I want to prove that he is the best player in the China's position. "Last season due to injury reasons, Yu Hanchao Al bin-play doesn't work very well. Headstrong he deeply cares. Al Marina winter this year,new balance 574 femme  the Han King evident degree of hard training. Yesterday he said he lost 4 kilos during the winter training, "in the past year, switched to a new environment, and some do not fit, so I went through a lot of ups and downs, but it also made me mature a lot. Winter training I was practicing very hard this year, is holding a sigh of relief, to prove that he is China's best player in this position.

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 Alihan: level of team play Opera House will have to adapt to Chinese culture Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Team leader, father, it is 31 years old Wang Song's two largest labels in late 2012 after the upgrade to a father, said Wang Song stand out on that field again, really dramatic changes. Wang Song is now clearly remember chenchen (Wang Song son's nickname), new balance 1300 pas cher  telling of his father for the first time. "At the end of last year, was just issued ' ABBA, father ' voice, but it has been very clear, just one video called Daddy, but he still won't call MOM now, calling something sad fate. "Wang Song joked with reporters. Son with to Wang Song maximum of change is let Greentown captain has has more strong of sense: "now kids 1 age 3 months, he will learn you, regardless of is film of records, also is others oral of records, I will wants let he think he father is worth learning of example, so in Stadium Shang, will has more strong of sense, wants in aspects Shang on themselves requires more strictly. "Shandong Luneng 20.925 million pounds this year ranked Club spending ranked 4th in the world, behind Chelsea, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. They introduced all Cup third place coach KUKA, also introduced the Argentina internationals Meng Dilve, and Brazil striker Aloisio big aid "King" Wang Dalei, Zhang Wenzhao, Dai Lin etc. Plus was originally led by Lovi, Wang received a master, Luneng's lineup is the luxury, the depth even stronger than evergrande.

Tomorrow night, and the Dalian aerbin [Twitter] new season opener, both coach Yang JI and the management team, didn't give the team a dying order. "Yang Dao wants us flat mentality to kick. "Wang Song says, but green city Captain still want for fans to obtain a flying start," so our old players hard enough, to drive some more things on the pitch, after all, the Super League competition and teaching an entirely different, especially the mentality, to teach young players how to deal with emergency situations. Fluke after advancing to the 2015 Asian Cup finals, guozu Sharjah returned to China yesterday. Chinese Super League, the team disbanded, but their questioning has not dissipated. Former guozu boss Ali·Han is confusing when talking about this: "in fact, there are good players in China, League level in Asia is good, what is the cause of, I don't understand. "Recently, you spread all over China and South Korean drama TV series from the stars, and that the" Korean current "that also influenced the new season of the Chinese Super League. Compared to last season, has only 3 Korea foreign aid played in Super League, ending League transfer window closes, 9 Korea player in the Super League, and played for the defending champion Guangzhou evergrande Korea internationals Jin Yingquan, 10 Korea players played for 9 teams respectively, behind large foreign aid Brazil. Super 8 matches of the first round, which appears 7 or Korea players on the scene.

Less than 20 minutes from game time, guozu is at the edge of being eliminated. Acting coach Fu Bo after the game repeatedly confirm the outlet, the newly appointed manager Jose Alan·peilan at the press conference clutching his chest, scene duzhan Chinese Football Association Vice President Wei Jixiang to "thank God". Guozu advancing to the Asian Cup Organizing Committee officials in Australia are also relieved, because "large number of television viewers in China, maintaining strong trade and cultural links with Australia". If China could join in, would seriously affect the ratings of Asian Cup. new balance 1400 homme  "While advancing to the finals in the end, however guozu inevitably met with deep skepticism from the outside. China FA original League Department Director Lang Xiaonong [micro-Bo] think, "team most lack of is win of determination and courage, and thus inspired of active active of play and pride", and a website launched of vote in the, over 80% of by visit who (more than 90,000 over people) think guozu will in Asia Cup "no as, early home", continued front two session in group game out of fate. For the Opera House, and his ultimate goal is to rate into the 2018 World Cup, but the team's situation was disappointing.

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